Haley speaks on abortion. Her opinion is completely different from the Republicans’ one.


Talking about abortion is a big deal for anyone running for president. It’s a hot topic, especially in states with Republican leaders who are making it hard to get an abortion. This has led to a lot of fights because the Supreme Court decided to change the rules that used to protect the right to have an abortion.

Joe Biden, Nikki Haley, and Donald Trump all have different opinions on abortion. Recently, Haley spoke up about supporting the right to choose, saying it’s important for both men and women. She warned her party not to make laws that would punish women with jail or worse if they choose to have an abortion.

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“Can’t we agree that no state law should say to a woman that if she has an abortion she’s going to jail or get the death penalty, let’s just start there,” Haley said at a Pints & Politics event in Charleston, South Carolina. “I will not be a part of demonizing this issue.”

She also shared that she is against abortion, a view shaped by her husband being adopted and her own struggles with having kids.

“I mean, no offense, but the fellas don’t know how to talk about this, and they just don’t… The issue of abortion is incredibly personal to every woman and every man, and it requires respect,” Haley said.

How we got here

After the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, which had protected abortion rights, the debate got even more intense. People like Haley, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden have all shared their different views on this issue.

Right after this decision, many states led by Republicans put into effect “trigger laws” that quickly made abortion illegal.

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What we know

CNN reported last year about a bill from Danny McCormick, a lawmaker in Louisiana. He wanted to pass a law that would make abortion a crime and could send women who have an abortion to jail.

In an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation, Haley was asked about her stance on abortion. She clearly stated, “Yes, I’m unapologetically pro-life.” She also talked about her support for a law that would ban abortions across the country.

“I’ve said I’m fine with a federal law. But the thing is, in order to get a federal law, you have to have a majority of the House, 60 senators and a signature of the president,” Haley said.

Biden keeps the pro-Democrat views

Biden has shown support for women’s right to choose abortion.

“As the President has made clear since the day of the Dobbs decision, the only way to ensure women in every state have access to abortion is for Congress to pass a law restoring the protections of Roe v. Wade,” the White House said in a statement in June.

Trump views on abortion rights and laws

Abortion is expected to be a big topic in the next election, with Trump being a key figure for the Republican party.

During a September interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, when questioned about his stance on a federal abortion ban, Trump replied, “It could be state or it could be federal, I frankly don’t have a preference.”

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“I would sit down with both sides and I’d negotiate something, and we’ll end up with peace on that issue for the first time in 52 years. I’m not going to say I would or I wouldn’t,” Trump added.

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