Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers are preparing a bill to remove President Biden from the ballot


Former president Donald Trump is facing legal troubles in various places. Despite these issues, he’s been campaigning to be president again. However, a recent legal decision has caused him a major setback. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Trump should not be on the Colorado Republican primary ballot, causing a lot of discussions across the country.

This decision was based on the 14th Amendment. It says that U.S. officials who have sworn to uphold the Constitution cannot hold office again if they have been involved in a rebellion. The court believed Trump’s actions during the January 6, 2021, Capitol event meant he should not hold office again.

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Following this, Republican leaders in three other states are considering a similar move against the current President, Joe Biden. Lawmakers from Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania want to introduce a law to remove Biden from the election ballots in their states.

Aaron Bernstine from Pennsylvania, Cory McGarr from Arizona, and Charlice Byrd from Georgia have said they plan to keep Biden off the 2024 ballots in their states.

This plan has been reported by some conservative news sources, like Breitbart News. These Republican legislators aim to draft a law targeting Biden’s eligibility for the ballot in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

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They argue that if Trump can be removed from the ballot for alleged wrongdoings, then Biden should also be disqualified based on their interpretation of his actions at the southern border and his family’s business dealings with China.

Removing Biden from the ballots in these crucial states could make it hard for him to get the nomination, given their importance in elections.

Currently, Biden is facing low approval ratings. He’s dealing with various issues, including rising inflation and challenges with immigration policies. His presidency has been marked by the significant number of migrants entering the U.S.

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Although the attempt to remove Biden from the ballot seems unlikely to succeed, especially in Pennsylvania where Democrats have a slight majority in the House, it shows the political tensions and challenges in current U.S. politics.

William Hath
William Hath
William, reporting for US News Hub from Washington DC, specializes in federal government accountability and transparency. His investigative efforts to unveil the inner workings of government operations and his dedication to challenging authority align with our goal of delivering in-depth and reliable news to our readers.

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