Georgia and Wyoming with lowest minimum wage in 2024. What happens in California in 2024?


The amount of money the lowest paid workers earn can be different in each state. States can decide if they want to pay the lowest amount set by the country or go with their own higher amount. Every year, many states choose to pay more, adding a little or a lot more money to the lowest wage. This is important because things are getting more expensive, and people with less money need more to live on.

25 states will increase the minimum wage in 2024

In 2024, 25 states are planning to give their lowest-paid workers a raise. This decision follows the trend of adjusting the lowest pay to help with living costs. Ballotpedia News reports that Hawaii will see the biggest raise of $2, making the new lowest wage $14 per hour. This is a 14.29% jump from before. Michigan will have the smallest raise of 23 cents, bringing its lowest wage to $10.33 per hour, a 2.23% increase.

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Minimum wage increases in 2024 by state

Different states will introduce these raises at different times in 2024. Oregon, Nevada, and Florida will spread their increases throughout the year, while 22 other states will raise their wages right at the start, on January 1. The timing for Nevada and Oregon is July 1, and for Florida, it’s September 30.

These raises come from laws made in the past, aiming to gradually increase the lowest wage or adjust it according to how much living costs go up.

Highest, lowest and average minimum wage by state in 2024

Washington State will have the highest minimum wage in 2024, at $17.00 per hour. Meanwhile, Georgia and Wyoming will stick to the country’s lowest required wage of $7.25. As we head into 2024, 20 states will use this lowest federal wage, while 30 states will offer more.

The average lowest wage has been on the rise. Back in 2008, it was $6.92 on average across the U.S., but by 2024, it’s expected to hit $10.69. That’s an increase of $3.77 per hour over these years.

Expected changes in 2024, California yet to decide

Looking ahead to 2024, California will decide if they want to increase their lowest wage to $18 by 2026. Michigan is considering a plan to raise its lowest wage by $1 each year until it hits $15 in 2027. Massachusetts is thinking about increasing the wage for tipped workers gradually until it matches the state’s lowest wage by 2029. Missouri, Ohio, Alaska, and Oklahoma are also exploring ways to up their minimum wages.

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