DeSantis has problem solving state issues while running for president


Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is having a tough time making progress in his run for president, falling far behind Donald Trump, the former President of the United States. Although DeSantis was once viewed as a strong challenger to Trump, his campaign for president isn’t going as well as hoped.

As DeSantis travels around the country trying to win over voters, he’s not in Florida dealing with the issues that affect the people there every day. This situation is likely to continue for the next few months until the primary elections are done. If DeSantis can’t manage to both run for president and effectively govern Florida, he risks losing his strong support base in the state, especially if his presidential campaign doesn’t do well.

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During the most recent legislative session in Florida, Governor DeSantis was very successful, with Republican lawmakers supporting nearly all of his proposals. The Republicans have a strong majority in the legislature, which helps DeSantis get what he wants done.

The next session in Florida will start on January 9

The next legislative session in Florida is scheduled to begin on January 9. Some political experts think this could mark the beginning of a decline in support for DeSantis among Republican lawmakers, especially since they passed almost all his proposals in the 2023 session.

Political reporter William March points out that DeSantis should be worried about how poorly he’s doing in the presidential race. Polls over the last few months have consistently shown him trailing significantly behind Trump. According to March, this lack of support could affect his leadership in Florida, as he might start losing the backing he currently enjoys if things don’t improve soon.

“Now that his candidacy does not appear to be going as well as expected, the question is whether that will affect his standing with the other legislators,” March said to WLRN.

Florida Governor expected to spend most of his time out of the state

Iowa caucuses will be held shortly after Florida sessions officially begin, and DeSantis is expected to spend most of his time there, but also in other states that have early primaries. March pointed out that this might play a role, especially since the governor might be away from Florida for quite some time.

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“He’s likely to be out of the state for much of the session campaigning,” March said. “If he comes back to Florida as a loser, then it could easily affect the legislators’ deference to his agenda.”

The session is scheduled to go on for 60 days, ending in early March.

Wendy Calderone
Wendy Calderone
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