South Carolina Democrat offers to be Nikki Haley’s running mate


South Carolina – In a move that caught many off guard, Justin Bamberg, a Democrat and State Representative, has proposed an unexpected partnership with Nikki Haley, a Republican, for her run for president. He’s even open to the idea of being her running mate.

Bamberg took to social media to share his thoughts on this unique collaboration, suggesting it could pave the way for a new era of bipartisanship.

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He pointed out that he and Haley share roots in the same small town of Bamberg, South Carolina. Despite their differing political stances, Bamberg believes they have the potential to complement each other well, aiming to make decisions that are in the best interest of all Americans.

Bamberg has voiced his dissatisfaction with the current political climate and is eager to explore this partnership as a means to bring about change.

Since 2015, he has served as the representative for House District 90, as stated on the official website of the South Carolina State House.

People’s reactions

As of writing of this article, nearly 25,000 people have viewed Bamberg’s suggestion on X. There’s a lot of buzz around his post, with many sharing their opinions. Some people think his idea of a Republican-Democrat partnership could be effective, but others are skeptical about how practical it really can be.

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“I’m hoping this is an attempt at humor. She’s almost as bad as Trump. Biden for the win,” @liberama commented.

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“That’s nice but the Constitution doesn’t allow it,“ @Theresa49500 commented. “The Constitution says the electors can’t cast their votes for a president AND a vice president from their state. They can run on same ticket but one of them would not get the 8 electoral college votes from South Carolina (assuming they win SC),“ @JonENelson responded.

“I couldn’t love this statement more. Working together is the way to go! Thank you for letting me know there is still some sanity in this world,” Terri Williams commented openly supporting the idea.

“You’d make a great team, we need more checks and balances! I’m a product of checks and balances, my parents always went together to cancel each other’s vote out. Daddy was a business man conservative and Mamma was a democrat through and through (probably because her Daddy was),” said user under the alias of @BabineauMikki.

Nikki Haley hasn’t responded to the request yet.

William Hath
William Hath
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