Power price hike hits Los Angeles, electricity bills to spike up to 17%


Los Angeles, California – In Los Angeles, the cost of electricity is going up. Both the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and Southern California Edison (SCE) are making electricity more expensive, according to LA Times. Bills could go up by as much as 17%.

LADWP bills would go up by about 1.1%

The LADWP is increasing their rates a little, by about 1.1% of the total bill. LADWP Chief Financial Officer Ann Santilli mentioned this hike is to make sure they have enough money to keep the power running smoothly and fix any issues with the power lines or other equipment. This extra charge won’t last forever, though; it’s just for while they’re doing these repairs and maintenance.

SCE customers will have up to 17% higher bills

For SCE customers, their bills went up a lot more, by up to 17%, after the California Public Utilities Commission gave the green light in 2022. Starting January 1, the typical monthly home electricity bill rose slightly by about 2 percent, changing from $174.70 to $178.34, SCE shared. They explained the price hike is to handle the increasing costs of buying power and keeping the power system in good shape. People are being asked to use less electricity and there are support programs to help out.

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Some tips to save on electricity include using a power strip for your gadgets, avoiding old, energy-hungry appliances, and switching to LED bulbs since they’re more efficient than old-school incandescent ones. The CPUC suggests charging devices like laptops and phones before 3 p.m. or after 9 p.m. to take advantage of lower electricity rates.

The LADWP has an online Energy Advisor tool to help customers manage their electricity use better, analyze bills, and find out about rebates. Both LADWP and SCE have different ways to help people save on their bills.

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To learn about LADWP’s rebates and discounts, you need to call their customer service at 800-342-5397. They also offer plans to spread out payments for those who find it tough to pay their bill on time.

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SCE has special discounts for elderly people and people with disabilities, and offers plans that let you pay the same amount each month. Families in need might qualify for help through programs like California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) and Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA). For more details on SCE’s offers, you can call (800)-798-5723, and you can apply for these programs by mail or online.

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