Los Angeles City Council launches innovative “Master Leasing” program to address homelessness


Los Angeles, California – The Los Angeles City Council took a significant step forward in creating a program called “master leasing” to help provide more homes for people without houses. This method, which LA County already uses, involves the city renting entire buildings or parts of them for a long time. Then, they let people who don’t have homes live there, offering them extra help and services.

Councilwoman Katy Yaroslavsky brought the idea to life

In December 2022, Councilwoman Katy Yaroslavsky suggested this master leasing idea. After the council agreed, city workers were given the job to figure out the details and goals for starting the Master Leasing Program by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA). This plan will first be tried in Yaroslavsky’s area, the Fifth District, which includes neighborhoods in West L.A., and other possible locations.

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The need for such homes continues to grow

Yaroslavsky explained that there’s a big need for temporary homes for homeless people in her area and believes the master leasing program can quickly help meet this need. She mentioned that LA County and LAHSA had a similar program start in November 2023, where they rented 105 places in just three months and are planning for over 530 more.

“I hope that we will move with the appropriate urgency to quickly realize and get the program off the ground,” Yaroslavsky stated.

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The process of finding money for this trial and possibly making it bigger across the city falls to the city administrative officer. Also, the city’s lawyers and risk management team will look into the legal and financial aspects by reviewing the agreement with LAHSA and the county to avoid any problems.

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Furthermore, the city’s chief legislative analyst pointed out that homes gotten through this program after June 2027 will help achieve the city’s settlement goals under the “Alliance” agreement.

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