Dr. Etsemaye Agonafer will be the first deputy mayor of homelessness and community health in Los Angeles


Los Angeles, Ca. – Mayor Karen Bass of Los Angeles has named Dr. Etsemaye Agonafer as the first-ever deputy mayor for homelessness and community health in the city.

Dr. Agonafer’s job will be to make sure that people who are homeless or might become homeless get better access to social, health, and behavioral care. She’s going to put together a team to focus on improving living conditions and health for people without homes in LA.

“We must continue to address this homelessness crisis with urgency and comprehensive strategies that work,” Bass said in a statement. “We know that health, both physical and behavioral, is a vital part of bringing stability to unhoused Angelenos and Dr. Agonafer’s diverse experience and deep understanding of health care and homelessness in Southern California will be a crucial step forward in addressing the homelessness crisis and supporting those with health challenges.”

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Dr. Agonafer started working with Mayor Bass in May 2023 as a community health advisor within the Office of Housing and Homelessness Solutions. She’s been involved in the Inside Safe program and created a pilot project for treating substance abuse among residents of temporary housing.

The mayor’s office highlights Dr. Agonafer’s background in promoting health fairness and helping those in need, drawing on her experiences as a doctor in internal medicine, an educator, and a researcher focused on community health.

Before this role, Dr. Agonafer was an assistant professor at the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine’s Department of Health System Science in Pasadena.

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In 2021, Dr. Etsemaye Agonafer was chosen for a prestigious role as a White House Fellow during President Biden’s term, working closely with the Secretary’s office at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Besides her policy contributions, she also provided medical care to people coming in and out of one of the country’s biggest jails, the Inmate Reception Center at Los Angeles County’s Twin Towers Correctional Facility.

Dr. Agonafer holds a Master of Science degree in health policy and management from UCLA, where she was recognized as a national clinician scholar. She completed her medical residency in internal medicine and served as chief resident at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

She received her undergraduate degree in biochemistry from USC and went on to earn a Master of Public Health and a Medical Degree through a combined program between UCLA and Charles R. Drew University, known as PRIME-LA.

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Lourdes Castro Ramirez, who leads the Office of Housing and Homelessness Solutions, emphasized the importance of housing and healthcare in tackling homelessness.

“This is why we are thrilled to have Dr. Agonafer’s expertise and leadership as we work together to bring an even greater focus to the mayor’s mission to connect unhoused Angelenos with coordinated supportive care and services that lead to positive health outcomes, stability, and permanent homes,” she said.

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