Long Beach began renovations for the creation of the city’s first youth-only homeless shelter.


On Tuesday, the city of Long Beach embarked on a significant project to establish its very first shelter exclusively for young people without homes.

This renovation endeavor is budgeted at $4.1 million and aims to reach completion by the early months of 2025. Specifically targeting young adults aged 18 to 24, the facility is poised to offer refuge to approximately a dozen individuals. This age bracket represents one of the most rapidly expanding segments of the homeless population within the state of California.

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Local resident Hector Zeleya shared his perspective, emphasizing that young individuals, in particular, should not be subjected to homelessness. Both Hector and his sister Emma have witnessed firsthand how young people can sometimes be expelled from their family homes, leaving them without any place to turn to. For Emma, the availability of a supportive and safe environment for youth in challenging situations is crucial.

The proposed youth shelter in Long Beach is set to offer more than just a roof over their heads.

Eric Lopez, who oversees Long Beach’s Public Works, detailed that the facility will feature brand new sleeping accommodations, bathroom facilities, and a secure storage area for the personal belongings of the residents.

Further enriching the support provided, Long Beach City Councilman Roberto Uranga outlined that the shelter will not only offer a safe haven but will also be a source of developmental opportunities. This includes access to job placements, vocational training programs, and educational resources, all designed to empower these young individuals towards a brighter future.

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Deputy City Manager Teresa Chandler highlighted the holistic approach of the shelter, pointing out that by addressing the immediate needs of these young people, the program can then focus on tackling the underlying issues that contribute to homelessness. This strategic approach aims at disrupting the cycle of homelessness for future generations, ensuring a more stable and supportive foundation for them.

In the previous year, Long Beach conducted a census that identified approximately 150 homeless youths aged between 18 and 24. However, this figure is anticipated to rise, given that the city has recently completed another count.

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Despite the positive impact anticipated from the establishment of the youth shelter, there have been concerns raised regarding its location. Situated in an industrial zone on the west side of the city, the shelter’s distance from public transportation networks has been a point of contention among some community members. This logistical challenge underscores the importance of ensuring that the shelter is not only a place of refuge but also accessible to those in need.

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