The former NFL player has repeatedly been called a racist slur by a business owner in Miami


miami – Cellphone cameras captured a racist rant outside a South Florida business in which a man repeatedly used the N-word.

It all happened in March outside the Infinity Sports Institute in Miami, where Hunt works.

Former NFL player and Virginia Tech alum James Gayle has been called the dreaded slur more than once.

“I was very scared, humiliated,” Gayle said. “I didn’t necessarily know what to do because I’d never been in that situation.”

Gayle told Local 10 News’ Joseph Ojo that he asked the landlord to check the establishment for mold, and instead of fixing the problem, the landlord became extremely angry and started hurling racial slurs at not only him, but other people inside the sports studio.

Gayle explained, “He became very aggressive. “He told an old woman here to go and eat beans and rice. He’s Spanish.”

Another video shows what caused the racist chants. Gayle said the landlord left the sports studio with a sample of drywall that was supposed to be tested for mold.

Moments later, the landlord is seen getting into a jeep. Someone is seen trying to calm him down, but he continues as he drives away.

“I definitely worry about retaliation — every time I get in my car I worry about retaliation. I don’t necessarily know if he’s going to do something to me — if he’s going to come back,” Gayle said.

Local 10 News reached out to the owner of the building seen in the video.

He asked her not to call him again.

Gayle said lawyers are involved and he plans to take legal action.

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