Puppy breaks it on social networks for imitating the sound of the seismic alert


A puppy became famous on social networks after imitating the sound.

Photo: JOHANNES EISELE/Getty Images

Seeing the positive side of an earthquake is complicated, especially when they have caused deaths and thousands of families are left homeless; nevertheless, a puppy became famous on social networks after imitating the sound of a seismic alerta.

went through TikTok where a video of a Husky breed puppy was shared that after the strong earthquakes and having heard the seismic alert on two occasions, the sound was recorded, which he later replied in the best way.

“And after two earthquakes… Ringo imitates the seismic alert”, is the description of the video that was immediately filled with reactions and comments.

i love you mock dog”, “The neighbors listening to the alarm every so often”, “Seismic husky”, “Imagine at night”, “It better be the official sound of the seismic alert”, “Be careful, because you will surely scare it away if in fact it is not shaking”, “Hopefully this sound saves lives in the future”, among others wrote the Internet users.

It was last September 19 that an earthquake of 7.7 magnitude with epicenter in Michoacán was raised. So far, several damaged buildings and three deaths have been reported, the latter due to a 6.6 aftershock on September 22. From that moment on, more than a thousand replicas of the telluric movement have been registered, which occurs within the framework of a difficult date for Mexicans after what happened in 1985 and 2017.

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