Philadelphia police release video of man accused in recent deadly unprovoked shooting of Temple grad


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police need your help finding the gunman who killed a man. People close to Drexel University. Authorities released surveillance video of the shooting Friday.

The police described the murder as horrific.

Police said the victim was hanging out with friends in South Philadelphia, took the train home, and as he was walking back to his apartment, was shot and killed by a stranger for no apparent reason.

Philadelphia police have released video of the suspect in the fatal shooting of a former Temple student.


Surveillance video shows the gunman wearing a black hoodie walking down North 35th Street around 12:30 a.m. Thursday. Just as he crossed paths with 23-year-old Everett Beauregard, he turned and opened fire.

“Mr. Beauregard was struck once in the base of the neck, severing his spinal cord,” police Capt. Jason Smith said Friday. “Mr. Beauregard is seen collapsed on the sidewalk.”

As Beauregard lay helpless on the sidewalk, the gunman fled, then turned and fired another shot at the victim.

Police say the two did not know each other and it appears no words were exchanged before the shooting.

“Tragically, Mr. Beauregard’s life was cut short by this horrific act of violence and for no apparent reason,” Smith said.

Beauregard’s heartbroken parents said their son is a recent graduate of Temple University and is set to begin work on a master’s of business administration this winter.

He worked for Wells Fargo and worked as an intern for US Representative Brendan Boyle.

“Mr. Beauregard was not part of a gang. He did not deal drugs,” Smith said. “By all accounts, he was a good person living his life.”

Police say that shortly before the shooting, another man was walking down the street who caught the gunman’s attention, but for whatever reason, the gunman targeted Beauregard instead of following that man.

“It almost looks like someone’s playing a video game,” said Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanor. “Like he didn’t think much of it. And it’s really scary and scary, really. So, that’s definitely somebody we don’t want with a firearm, and we don’t want on the street.”

A $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction.