Advertising campaign encourages you to sell a kidney to have an iPhone 14


The cost of the smartphone in other latitudes is simply difficult to pay.


It was a few days ago when Apple unveiled the launch of the iPhone 14, which starts at $1,099.

The cost of the smartphone in other latitudes is simply difficult to pay, so a company, specifically a beauty clinic in Laos, carried out an advertising campaign that, far from being attractive, was harshly criticized.

And it is that he suggested the exchange of kidneys in exchange for the iPhone 14, the recent model of the manzanita mobile. The image of the clinic Dr Nith Beauty Center It became a meme, but also a way to raise awareness about what many people are willing to do to get the latest technology device.

However, the director of the Red Cross organ donation centre, Sophon Mekthon, indicated that trading in organs is illegal and that this type of advertising is inappropriate and unethical.

“It is inappropriate for trade in organs to be promoted, especially to exchange one for money to buy an iPhone. It is immoral and unethical”, he expressed about the campaign.

The clinic’s goal with this publication is for their clients and prospects to realize that they are experts at making remarkable changes.

Until now, It has not been officially confirmed whether the young people in the photo exchanged a kidney for an iPhone 14 as part of the promotion of the clinic which became a trend on social networks.

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