Scammers impersonating sheriff’s office targeting Los Angeles County residents


Los Angeles County, California – People in Los Angeles County are getting fake calls from people pretending to be part of the Sheriff’s office, like a Sergeant or Lieutenant. These fraudsters say you missed going to jury duty and now you have to pay them using electronic means. They even threaten to arrest you if they don’t get the money.

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But, it’s important to know that if you really had a warrant out for your arrest, the Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t just call you up about it.

To stay safe and informed, it’s a good idea to follow the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s social media and the local patrol station. They share updates on crimes and tips on staying safe.

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Here are some ways to avoid being tricked by these scam calls:

  • Do not feel pressured by the threatening caller until you have verified their identity and story. You can ask the caller for their name, employee identification number, callback number, and a reference number for the matter they are calling about. This information can be used to contact the organization directly to determine the validity of the request.
  • It’s okay to hang up, especially if you suspect the call to be a scam.
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department or any government agency would never ask for any type of payment over the phone or banking information.
  • All financial transactions are typically handled in person at the courthouses and custody facilities.
  • Never send money or give bank account details, or other personal information to anyone you don’t know or trust.

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department urges the public to remain safe and reach out to the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station if you feel you have been a victim of these crimes.

Jack Wolf
Jack Wolf
Jack is Long Beach native and proud member of US News Hub team. Jack knows best what Long Beach residents want and need to hear as he is one of them. At US News Hub, Jack is the one responsible for local news in Los Angeles county, with the focus on the Long Beach area.

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