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Shakira repeats clothes but she is worth it and softens the world with her son Sasha


Shakira smiled and continues to do so, even more so if the reason is one of thethe two men in her life or both. The photos that were published of the recent nominee for the Latin Grammy 2022 beside his youngest son Sasha have touched the whole world. In addition, he was also seen in the company of his brothers while enjoyed a Milan baseball game as a family. However, some of his fans noticed that repeated the same outfit with which he arrived in Barcelona from London recently.

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we already know that Gerard Piqué and Shakira’s eldest son, Milan, he is a big fan of sports. He also gets into karate and surfing as well as soccer, of course. Half of them in the company of his mother. Sasha if it is more attached to the Colombian in the musical field. He is always seen dancing, at the piano and on the drums. He also gave ideas to Shakira right in the music video for “Teflicito” with Rauw Alejandro. The whole family, except for his father, who is still recovering at home, and his mother, went to to the Milan baseball game in Barcelona. Many noticed that the Colombian had the same clothes on, but she doesn’t care and probably doesn’t even remember it. In fact, she has said in several interviews that costume fittings are one of the things that she hates the most.

While all this was happening, Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chía Martin arrived at the Barcelona airport after a few romantic days in France. Several paparazzi grabbed them but none said a word. After Clara Chia was intercepted by another reporter and showed no interest. But there is no doubt that they no longer think about hiding anymore, much less now that everything seems to be more on track in terms of the separation of the FC Barcelona player and the interpreter of “Waka Waka”.

Shakira has continued to attract attention for the recent interview she gave for ELLE In addition to how beautiful she looked with each of her outfits. The barranquillera gave an act of maturity by admitting that it is the worst moment of her life, but that she still trusts that she will reach an agreement with Gerard Piqué because her children deserve it. She also acknowledged that it was the first time she had talked about something so personal, but that she feels a lot of empathy right now for women who are going through similar or worse situations.

The singer is nominated for Best Duet with the boyfriend of Rosalia and they sing puerto rican Raww Alexander. She herself sent him a congratulatory message for the nomination. The video clip has been one of the most viewed in Spanish of Latin music on the YouTube digital playback platform.

For now, Shakira He will face the trial filed by the Treasury in Spain for alleged tax fraud and tax returns that in theory he would not have made. They allege that she was already residing in Spain. Apparently the singer already has some evidence that confirms the opposite. If he wins the case, this would imply a great relief and a symptom that “after the storm comes calm.”

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