Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend reappears on Instagram and reveals the policeman and alleged actor’s murderer


The death of the actor from the television series Neighbors, Octavio Ocaña, continues to give what to talk about even a year after his death. Until now, his family has not been able to clarify the case and there is still no one paying for the alleged murder of the Mexican. His girlfriend, Nerea Godínez, broke the silence after a long time and recounted a situation that has been occurring with the Prosecutor’s Office while gave the name of the policeman and alleged murderer of her fiancé: “Leonardo N.”

With the frontality that we have seen since the actor Octavio Ocaña lost his life after an alleged police chase when a bullet caused his death While he was behind the wheel, his girlfriend, Nerea Godínez, said on her Instagram account: “Hello Hello. I come again to ask you for the dissemination of information and everything that we are going to be sharing. We expected good results. It was not that we had wanted. We had not been able to share in everything that had been happening because we had agreed with the Prosecutor’s Office not to release information… to take everything calmly and, well, apparently that is putting us on the right foot. I can’t say much right now. But I am going to start leaving you news uew they are going to start appearing in news and important pages…. But it turns out that the policeman who shot Octavia. Leopoldo N had his first hearing and now he can be released on bail. I don’t know how much Octavio’s life is worth, but I don’t think even his life is enough to pay. I find it super serious that this is happening.

He also told that a man had an incident and that a few rescued them. When he thanks his “heroes” it turns out that the name that comes out is that of the supposed murderer of Ocatviao Ocala Leonardo “N”. The girlfriend of the actor of the series says that how is it possible for this to happen if the official in theory would be on leave. That is, he could not be in charge of his functions.

For now, the hearing of this police officer who identifies Nerea as Leonardo N will have a hearing today at 7:30 pm local time in Mexico. Octavio’s girlfriend will also attend the same accompanied by some relatives and legal representatives of the same as could be understood. She also reminded that she will be publishing information in time with the details of what happens.

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