Kany García and Christian Nodal: The least imagined duo write and release the song ‘The Next’


Kany Garcia and Christian Nodal.

Photo: Sony Music / Courtesy

The least imagined duo, two talented and successful each in their genre, Kany García and Christian Nodal surprised by premiering a song they wrote together, ‘LaNext’which they have been composing for months, and which reveals why the ‘Mariacheño’ had covered his tattoos with makeup.

Yes, as we told you above, they kept it very secret, not only the composition, but until the video for which Kany moved to Argentina, where Nodal currently lives with his girlfriend Cazzuto record it together.

It is that story that we hear many times from friends who feel that they have given everything in the relationship, but the man has not, or vice versa, and when he is happier, the ex always returns.. That’s why she tells him don’t even worry about me, let’s worry about the next one.

This song It was born to be a duet, because it is a conversation between the couple, and it was always clear to me that this voice was Christian Nodal, who has a magical voice with a unique feeling. I wanted him to feel the song was also his own, that it had elements of his DNA and that it also put his own stamp on it. Working with him has been a wonderful experience.“, explained Kany, who from what he imagined, real life surpassed him.

This story, as Kany explains, of a couple that is already on the last days of non-communicationalso It surprised Nodal, but not because of what the lyrics say, but because he dreamed of working with the Puerto Rican singer! And he never imagined that she was the one who would end it called.

“How was I going to say no? I love her art and the message she brings to the public. She was very generous in letting me and my musicians participate in a song with which many people are going to be able to identify at some point in their lives”, said Christian about the experience.

In the music video, which As we tell you was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was directed by Diego Peskins, the story unfolds based on the monotony of a coupleaspects that usually happen in a relationship before breaking up, and where traits of their personalities such as tattoos are also integrated.



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