Don Pedro Rivera gets divorced and Doña Rosa reacts to the Telemundo cameras


The rivera family He does not want to leave it for anyone and it is that today it becomes news again. This time it is not about Chiquis Riveranor anything related to the inheritance of Jenni Rivera. Those who have made noise now are the parents of La Diva de La Banda: don pedro rivera Y madam Rosa and the comments of the same before the alleged divorce from the Mexican regional producer and singer.

In the middle of the breakup and divorce of Don Pedro Rivera with his ex-wife Juanita Ahumada, madam Rosa He let it be known what he thinks about it: “I can’t say anything, it’s his life,” commented the mother of the remembered Jenni Rivera before the cameras of the program TelemundoSit Who Can.

But, the reporter insisted on questioning Doña Rosa before the divorce of her ex-husbandto see if it felt like a bone of contention and she replied: “Not because when he (Don Pedro) came he was already separated, when we started working together he was already separated.”

It must be taken into account that Chiquis Rivera’s grandparents work on a YouTube program together. Therefore, they tend to share a lot of time, which has allowed Don Pedro and Doña Rosa show that they have the maturity that others do not. Currently they get along very well, they are friends and that is quite noticeable in the material they share through digital platforms.

For his part, Juanita did not remain silent and for the same television program he recounted his version: “There have been many humiliations because even when they were making “Mariposa de Barrio” that they were going to Miami, They grabbed Don Pedro and Doña Rosa room togetherHe always said that she (Doña Rosa) was his wife, his woman.”statements that of course unleashed endless speculation.

Given this, Doña Rosa also responded: “When a man has already been married all the time, they will be jealous of the ex-wife. I did not get involved there, nor did I get involved, nor am I going to get involved, ”she said to the cameras of Telemundo.

Everything seems to indicate that this topic is now beginning, well Juanita pulled out an ace that she had up her sleeve by launching a book on the market. In it he tells all the details of his relationship with Don Pedro, decision she made after he informed her that: “She was not going to have a single peso left from her divorce.”

For now we leave you a chapter of the very funny and beloved madam Rosawhere account of the day she decided to separate and divorce the father of her children, Don Pedro Rivera.

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