Cazzu arrives alone at an event and avoids talking about Christian Nodal. Problems in paradise? | VIDEO


At the 2022 GQ Man of the Year Awards, which highlight talent, equality and diversity, great personalities such as Diego Luna, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, Galilea Montijo and cazzu Argentine singer who currently has a love relationship with Christian Nodal.

For his time on the black carpet of this award ceremony, Cazzu stole the looks not only of those around her but also of the Mexican press who at all times wanted to obtain a statement from the beautiful Argentine singer.

After getting her attention, Cazzu approached the reporters who first questioned her about her career and her upcoming performances in our country, Well, due to the success of ticket sales, he had to change the venue to a larger this weekend he will be delighting the people of the capital with his successes.

It should be noted that, despite the fact that these awards celebrate great men, the Argentine and other women were also awarded, in this case Nodal’s girlfriend received the award for best Latin Artist.

Due to the above, during his brief talk with the Mexican press, he only spoke about his presentations in our country and thanked his Mexican fans for the support he has received.

“I love the fans of this country, thank you for allowing me to bring my music, I am very happy”


After these statements, Mexican reporters, as expected, questioned Argentina about her famous and controversial boyfriend Christian Nodalwho a few days ago dedicated some romantic words to Argentina in public.

At the moment that Cazzu began to listen to the questions about her love relationship, she only smiled, sent kisses to the reporters and fledso he did not want to say a single word about their relationship and clarify or deny the rumors about a supposed pregnancy.

Despite the fact that Nodal did not accompany his girlfriend at such an important moment for her and she did not want to talk about her lover either, the Sonoran shared a short video on his Instagram stories where You can see the award that Cazzu won along with a green heart and a spider, this as a show of support for Argentina.

Instagram Christian Nodal

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