Belinda became a “mom” to her little Glen and that’s how she showed it off. Get to know him!


Belinda She is very happy because her family has grown bigger. In this case, she has just been released as a “mother” but of a cute kitten she named Glen. Although he did not mention if he adopted it, they gave it to him, he found it or bought it, hopefully and not.

He clarified that it is the first time that he has a feline as a petso he does not know much about his world and even asked his followers for help on social networks.

It was right on her Instagram account that the singer showed it off through a series of photos in which she also welcomed her core. It was striking that she was wearing an Igor romper, the cute Winnie the Pooh donkey.

Of course, with well-made-up eyes, very well-groomed hair and yellow nails that did not go unnoticed.

Little Glen received all the love from Belinda, although it was also noticeable that he had an annoyed face fact for which the also actress asked about her species, which stands out for being more independent than a dog.

In this case, she remembered that she had always had dogs at home, so she would not know how to treat her “son”.

“Welcome to the Glen Family, thank you for existing. It is the first time that I have a kitten and I don’t know much about how they behave, I have always been puppies, but I fell in love with this baby since I saw him, if someone can write me more about the behavior of cats and how to be the best mom for him, they would make me very happy, although sometimes I want to squeeze him and hug him all the time, I have noticed that cats are more independent and that gives me more anxiety. Tell me, do you have kittens?”


As expected, the fans and Internet users who were able to see Belinda quite fond of her kitten could not help but write a few lines to her.

Although all animals are very loved by people who have humanity, it is well known that there is a special adoration for cats on social networks.

For this reason, her fans did not leave her alone after the call for “help”, because as mentioned before, Christian Nodal’s ex has no idea how to treat him.

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